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From YogaAbode "...A home practice of 15 or 30 minutes a day is more beneficial than a once a week 90-minute practice. Do both, and you're likely to notice a significant change in not only your technical ability on the mat. Far more importantly, by modifying your practice on a daily basis, you'll become more in tune with your basic physical and emotional needs as they vary each day."

When you practice at home you integrate yoga in a whole new way, into layers of your being which can remain theoretical in a yoga studio. Home practice breaks down barriers to your own wholeness and that's how you are empowered.

Call now to take your first step toward bringing your practice, your yoga, home.

Personal instruction via private lesson is the most effective way to support your home practice.

Practice, tailored just for you.

I will follow up with practice template you can use to continue what you have learned on your own. The templates are flexible reminders which you can use to guide your own experience until our next meeting.

Don't live in the 505? No problem! We consult via Skype and I email your template within an hour.

Personalized Practice Templates
Designed for your goals, your level, your time, your rhythm.

Express your freedom and practice wherever you are
Personalized to your goals, practice, needs
$40 for an hour long private lesson with a template to support your home practice. 
We consult via Skype about your practice and your parameters, whether that means time constraint, obstacles, injuries, preferences. I want to know your favorite poses, your challenging poses, your ruts and grooves. I want to know where you feel tight, where you feel stress, what you want to work with, what you want to do. I want to know where you want your practice to take you.

Then I draw you the poses in order with instructions and modifications for different challenges, different days, different times, different goals. I'll send you a jpeg of the practice template.

We can schedule weekly, monthly or occasional new practices.

Call or email for more information! Bring more Love, Truth & Beauty into your life Here, Now, every day.